About Marica


I started studying dance at 5 years old in my native Italy.  My interest in dance grew as I learnt modern dance, belly dancing, African dance taught by international teachers like Awa Kouyate.

After graduating in physical education and gaining a certificate in Shiatsu massage (four years of studies),  I learnt different fitness activities from the Reebok training programme, and my experience grew through teaching aerobics, step, toning exercises, fitball and Pilates, posture exercises for the over forties.

My knowledge of the human body increased with the discovery of the body energies through meridian charts and fascias.  I learnt and perfected Shin Tai massage with its creator, Saul Goodman.

My awareness of movement increased  thorough Gurdjieff dance, which I studied with Margit Martinu and other international teachers such as Jose Reyes.  Afterwards I taught Gurdjieff dance also, this helped me learn how the mind works and help people break out from their automatic movements and be in the moment.

My  passion for OLIT started after meeting its creator Silvia Pozzato. Her vast range of experience helped me to develop  enthusiasm for the holistic approach.  OLIT is good training for achieving mental and physical balance.

After a Master’s degree in posture and my thesis researching OLIT,  I could see how very effective this practice is for keeping your posture in alignment,  for improving your balance, and for enabling  you to reach  deep mental relaxation. I am very enthusiastic about passing on the benefits of OLIT to all who  would like to learn about it.

I have been working in U.K. for 10 years and study and teaching Pilates in depth to the point that i have realised people need different practice to release tensions in their bodies, and gain more mobility.  This took me into the journey of FASCIA self-release and I became a moving fascia teacher. This practice involves small movements mainly lye down on the mat using soft therapy balls and a foam roller. 



4 thoughts on “About Marica”

  1. Hi Marica
    Any more details about loiter event at lion quay? Times? And can we use the facilities for an additional fee?
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Annette yes everything stays the same we are going to start at 3.00pm and the master class will last for an hour and half. About the facilities of the club any participants to the master can use them just by paying £10 at the desk.
      See you soon then.


    1. Hi Annette I’m sorry you cannot make it but we had to swap the time because of the Silvia arriving on Saturday.
      The flyer of the master class with the time and date is on my website since November though.
      Let me know if something change for you.
      Many thanks.


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