About OLIT

OLIT was created after years of study by Silvia Pozzato in Italy. It is a mixture of disciplines and is based less on theory than on intuition. In this activity the movements are circular and spiral,  their basis comes from disciplines such as  Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Capoeira have been combined to create OLIT. Through this unique combination  the movements in OLIT can flow naturally from one to another, with each movement in harmony with the body. However, OLIT is actually more than a mixture of various disciplines. It is the awareness of moving naturally and in harmony with one’s self. Its elements have gradually developed through many kinds of sports, exercises and dances.

How to improve proprioception with Olit.

Proprioception is the body’s ability to transmit a sense of position, analyze that information and react (consciously or unconsciously) to the stimulation with the proper movement (Houglum 2001). Put simply, it is the ability to know where a body part is without having to look. Proprioception allows you to scratch your head without looking in the mirror or walk up a flight of stairs without having to peer at each stair.

Taken as a whole, proprioception includes balance, coordination and agility because the body’s proprioceptors control all these factors. Proprioceptors consist of both sensory and motor nerves that send and receive impulses to and from the central nervous system from stimuli within the skin, muscles, joints and tendons (Houglum 2001). These impulses transmit vital information, such as the amount of tension in a given muscle and the relative position of a body part during a given movement.

By improving their proprioception, clients can gain the balance skills necessary to maintain stability; hone their agility so they can quickly change direction when necessary; and fine-tune coordination skills so they can perform physical activities accurately and consistently. Proprioception exercises reduce the risk of injury by teaching the body to react appropriately to sudden changes in the environment. A good sense of proprioception is vital for many fitness activities, especially some of the more advanced core-training classes currently attracting large numbers of clients.

How is a basic lesson structured?

A lesson consists of about 50/60 minutes. This sees  an unblocking and an initial realignment followed by a training phase and by a central part dedicated to the practice of pure balance. A phase on the ground concludes the lesson. To an onlooker it may seem like a  dance performed in slow motion to the rhythm of highly emotional music. This dance, however, is a really energetic one with a great deal of emphasis on hand movements and specific exercises for the arms and chest. For this reason Olit is well-loved by men and women.

Describe an OLIT session

Olit is a type of training which is open to everyone, to non – sporty people as well as to sport lovers  because the lessons are easy to follow and the positions and the techniques are not overly strenuous.

Learning this method is intuitive because the mind and body combine.
It is an effective discipline because it may help in case of joint problems caused by bad posture or stress. The body’s awareness of movement will increase, and if OLIT is practised regularly it will help you to develop a natural and correct posture so that you more easily avoid accidents.

What is natural and correct posture? It means optimising movement in a way that is functional for daily activities like sitting, standing, walking etc,  being less wasteful of energy and aligning the body correctly.

During an OLIT session the abdominal muscles become stronger, the muscle of the body in general are strengthened, your body becomes  sculpted and your balance is improved.

You will even notice asanas and Yoga techniques, for example the AMS (dog pose) which  Joseph H. Pilates also borrowed.

OLIT is carried out to the rhythm of music using different kinds of music such as classical, afro rhythm and new age.  The  musical rhythm is powerful and regular.

OLIT has been helping people with their posture, as well as their physical and mental well being for the last 10 years and is going from strength to strength.



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