“I look forward to Marica’s Olit class every week. I have been coming to classes for a year now, and I feel more sculpted, balanced, flexible, and relaxed after every session. The classes are challenging to begin with, but persevering is well worth it. I find that now, the movements are almost hypnotic, and the calm I feel afterwards is fantastic. Marica is lovely, and her teaching style compliments the classes perfectly. I have found that concentrating on what you are doing, as opposed to focusing on those around you is a great aspect of this class. It is not competitive in the slightest, and you are free to work at whatever level is comfortable for you. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!”

“For friends who haven’t yet given Olit a try …… do so!!
It works the body in a slow controlled way using core balance & leg strength. It includes the arms so Olit is a great for the whole body. It relieves tension & stress whilst raising the heart rate aswell as stretching ones abilities & muscles.”

“A wonderful class with the most beautiful, calming instructor! You were born to teach this Marica Sarcina!”

We started Marica’s Olit classes last July, the first in the Quarry Park, Shrewsbury.
We enjoyed the lesson so much we looked forward to taking part in future Olit classes.
Last March I broke my leg, Olit is helping me to regain my flexibility and my balance.
I am more aware of my posture and feel much healthier. Olit is calming as well as challanging, for our individual needs. The combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi make for a very interesting class.
Each week I feel I improve a little more, Marica encourages everyone to do as much as they can while explaining that our muscles and flexibility will gradually improve with time.
Phil had ankle surgery in October. Marica has given him sitting down excercises to help him retain some flexibilty, until he is able to rejoin the class,and continue with the outdoor activities he loves.
Olit is practised with music, along with Marica’s calming voice, an hour goes by very quickly.
Leaving all the class relaxed and feeling good.
Olit is for everyone, any age and any level of fitness.
Maricas has a lovely, friendly personality, making all her class feel valued.Helen and Phil

Dear Marica
You are a wonderful teacher of Olit, an exercise regime ideally suited to improving  fitness and suppleness for my main sport tennis and no doubt many other sports.
You lead from the front, always doing every exercise as it should be done but never too critical of those of us who fall short.
The hour with you is always invigorating and I hope to continue coming to your classes, which are the highlight of my week.
With many thanks

 Ciao Marica
I’m one of a small group of ” senior” tennis players who join your Olit class on a Friday morning at The Shrewsbury Club.
At first , I was a little apprehensive because I thought I might be out of my depth. However,because of your reassuring , inclusive style of teaching , I feel very comfortable in the class despite my stiff joints and general inflexibility!
In fact – and to my surprise- the activities in the class have proved to be not only relaxing and enjoyable but also helpful to my tennis. Clearly , at my stage of career , nothing will improve my tennis performance ( !! ) but there is no doubt that when I play after your class on  a Friday my joints are less stiff and I feel generally better prepared for the two hours of tennis which follow.
Clearly, Olit is helping both mind and body!!!
Grazie .

 ‘I did Olit throughout my pregnancy, right up until the week before my little girl was born. It helped with my posture and flexibility which I am sure helped me avoid any of the normal pregnancy aches and pains. I also found the classes really relaxing as your mind is totally focused on the exercises. I have continued with Olit since my little girl has been born and would really recommend these classes to everyone.’


Olit is meditation in movement, powerful and profound.  One cannot fail to be inspired by the way Marica moves as she teaches – ethereal, flowing and free.  She’s a paradox of fragility and strength, a force of nature that touches the heart deeply.

Watch closely.  Marica shows you a portal to new ways of being in the world if you have eyes to see it.  The experience can go deep if you will let it, building your strength, lifting your spirits, helping to release rigidity of the mind as well as of the body and opening you up to new ways of thinking and feeling if you will trust this enchantress on the path of transformation!



One thought on “Feedback”

  1. Marica has revolutionised my life! I have been doing Pilates with Marica for about a year and found it significantly reduced the pain and stiffness of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Marica’s Shiatsu massage has resolved some really long term issues. My neck and shoulders have been painful for more than ten years, and I have had conventional physio for the problem on several occasions – to no avail. After about eight sessions of Shiatsu massage I now only suffer from an occasional stiff neck – none of the shooting pains up my scalp and across my shoulders. Marica also found that the muscles have shortened in my right leg (due to an accident when I was 12), causing me to hitch up that hip and throw my whole body out of line. We are gradually releasing those muscles with stretching and massage, and I can feel my body finding new postures. I can’t wait to see how I am once this is resolved!

    I am amazed by the depth of knowledge and experience that Marica brings to her classes and private sessions – no other one person has improved my wellbeing this much!



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